Who are Slice?

Slice reimagine everyday cutting products, making them safer and easier to use. They have developed a collection of award-winning safety cutters that increase productivity, lower costs, and, most importantly, reduce injuries. Slice tools are now used in major industries around the world.

4 Key Benefits of Slice

Slice knives significantly reduce cut issues thus saving the company considerably on claims, sick days and lost production. This is achieved because ceramic cuts with its hardness not its sharpness.

Slice knives offer increased product protection during unpacking due to the blade having a rounded point. Any contact with your product means less likelihood of damage.

Productivity can be as high as with exposed steel blades but without the danger.

Slice knives last many times longer than steel blades, reducing ongoing costs. Check this out: One company switched their operatives to Slice and not one of them changed their blades for several months. Previously their steel blades were lasting just a few days!

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Our Safety Is In The Blade

Most safety cutter brands look for new ways to design their handles. While these innovations are helpful, they don’t solve the core problem. After all, what cuts you: the handle or the blade? Slice went back to basics and developed a safer blade, using advanced ceramics.

Because steel is a relatively soft material, it dulls quickly. To give steel blades a useful working life, manufacturers sharpen them far beyond what’s necessary. This workaround sacrifices worker safety for longevity. Slice uses 100 percent zirconium oxide, an extremely hard material that doesn’t need to be oversharpened in order to maintain its edge. This allowed Slice to develop a proprietary grind that creates a finger-friendly, touchable blade that holds it’s edge an average of 11.2 times longer than steel.

The Benefits Of Slice® At A Glance

Safer than metal blades

Last more than 11 times longer than metal blades

Never rusts

Chemically inert

Maintenance free

Safe up to 1600oc

Safe for clean rooms

Non sparking

Non conductive

Non magnetic


No oiling or lubrication required

Fewer blade replacements

Ergonomic handles

Fewer workplace injuries

Reduced total cost of ownership

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