About Us

We help businesses find new innovative ways to improve staff morale, health, safety and productivity.

We work with you to reduce profit leakage by providing products and services that extend replacement cycles and reduce admin time.

We Are Different


We know our products and service will move businesses forward. All too often we see staff safety and well-being sacrificed for seemingly cheaper product and service.


Because we identify new and better ways of keeping safe and increasing efficiency by bringing breakthrough innovation and step changes in efficiency.

The iSB Story

The Team

Our people are at the heart of what we do. Everyone here is part of a team, the team that has crafted our success by delivering expert service to our clients every day. We pride ourselves on our collaborative culture that nourishes the talent of our people and delights our customers.

We understand the importance of challenging the status quo and industry norms, we look to find new ways in which to work, learn and live.

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Working with us

From initial needs analysis to final delivery we are totally focussed on the best solution for your needs, enhancing your brand and increasing your profitability.