We work with you to create your…
Bespoke Service Package

The management of PPE and Workwear provision in-house very often becomes an admin nightmare consuming disproportionate amounts of valuable staff time. This is where our team love to help; with years of experience you will rest assured that every detail is taken care of whilst you are getting on with what really matters… what you do best.

From initial needs analysis to final delivery we are totally focussed on the best solution for your needs, enhancing your brand and increasing your profitability. Working within your budget and with access to the industries latest innovations we will find the ideal fit for your requirements.

Three Key Steps to your Effective Service Package

Service analysis

We examine what is currently working and any areas for improvement. Our solution will focus on eliminating any pain points you may identify.

Product analysis

Finding the right products for your specific needs whilst focusing on true tangible value. This demands an in-depth knowledge and experience of working practices as well as latest innovations.

Service Proposal

Following the analysis, our team carefully crafts the ultimate service package. We all share a passion to enhance your brand and profitability – this will be evident in our proposal for you.

Our enthusiastic approach to “raising the bar of corporate well-being” infuses into every aspect of our dealings with you. We look forward to helping you challenge the norm and drive your business to new heights.

Forecasting, reporting and stock management

To ensure that you get the best experience from partnering with us, we offer detailed spend and usage reports; usage forecasts for forward ordering, and dedicated stock management to guarantee the shortest possible delivery lead times.


Ideal for made-to-order items. Our team will forecast usage trends to ensure that optimum stock levels are maintained.


Allows managers to oversee service level agreements, a wide range of reports easily accessible.

Stock Management

Perfect solution for multi-site depots; ensuring your orders are processed quickly and efficiently.