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Hand Protection: What to Wear at Your Workplace

Before selecting just any type of glove for your workforce, consider the hazards involved in wearing undependable gloves. Cuts, burns and shocks can occur without proper protection. Choosing the appropriate protective-ware takes extra effort and insight, but it can save you from permanent damage to your hands and skin.

Assess the work situation. What items or substances are you handling? Chemicals? Sharp objects? Extremely hot or cold mechanical equipment? Asking this question eliminates a majority of unsuitable gloves for the task ahead.

Next, decide if contact with the object is incidental or extended. Incidental contact refers to minor accidental spills and the prevention of contamination whilst extended contact refers to longer handling of dangerous chemicals, objects, and exposure to extreme temperatures. Below is a breakdown of the types of glove protection and the best choice of glove for each situation.

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Chemical Resistance

Coated gloves are those that protect against specific chemicals. The chemical you are handling will determine which coated glove is required. Latex gloves are your go-to choice for incidental contact with water-based solutions. Unfortunately, many people have an allergy to latex. In that case, nitrile gloves provide a solid alternative. Not only are they good for handling oils, acids, and grease, but, unlike latex, cuts and tears are highly visible. You will see when you need to remove your gloves to prevent skin damage.   Additional gloves for acid and base protection include butyl gloves and polyvinyl gloves (PVC) gloves. Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) gloves, on the other "hand", as well as viton gloves protect against chlorinated solvents found in pesticides, glues, and paint thinners, and aromatic solvents like those in crude oil. All of these chemical-resistant gloves are also disposable, which is necessary for preventing infection and contamination.    

Cut Protection

Handling sharp tools requires careful accuracy and precision, but even the most cautious employees can still receive cuts or scrapes. More serious damage can occur from not wearing the proper materials. One of the best gloves for abrasions are stainless steel (or mesh) gloves. These dense gloves are form-fitting and particularly useful in the metal-working and food processing industries. Dyneema gloves are another, more comfortable, option whose fibres are 10-15 times stronger than the weight of steel. They're excellent for chopping and cutting and are resistant to many organic compounds.

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Heat and Cold Protection

Extreme temperatures call for extra-layered protection. Use aluminised gloves for welding and furnace work since they have strong heat-resistance on the outside and lowered heat-conduction on the inside. Kevlar combines the heat and cold resistance with a strong fibre base that makes it resistant to cuts as well. They may be bulky, but they're perfect for handling glass and automotive work. Those with a palm coating are well-suited for electrical work.

Anti-vibration gloves

A special category of gloves called anti-vibration gloves are used for handling jackhammers, nail guns, and other tools that cause heavy vibrations. Too much exposure can result in hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) which can lead to arthritis and other neurological issues if not properly treated. Anti-vibration gloves can be made of everything from Kevlar to cotton depending on the circumstances.

Types of Hand Protection

Rubber, nitrile, mesh, and steel are just some of the many different gloves manufactured for each specific occupation. Look at all of your options so that you can easily find the right glove for the job.


Our range of Anti-Vibration gloves offer protection from shock and vibration by absorbing the vibration energy and reducing the risk of vibration white finger.

Chemical / Oil Resistant

Nitrile, rubber latex and pvc protective gloves offering certified quality protection against a range of chemicals. All our Chemical Resistant Gloves conform to EN 388 and EN374 Complex Design.

Cold Protection

Our range of Cold Handling Gloves protects against cold and thermal hazards and extreme low temperatures.

Cut Protection

Cut Resistant Gloves designed to protect the wearer’s hands from cuts while working with sharp tools or materials. These mainly include seamless knitted gloves which offer superior dexterity and comfort.


We have a range of Nitrile and Multi-Purpose disposable gloves. The Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic rubber that resists snags while providing flexibility and dexterity and are food approved. Our range of Multi-Purpose disposable gloves all conform to EN 455 Parts 1, 2 & 3.

General Handling

Our range of General handling gloves are low cost but have good mechanical strength and grip. They also include simple design gloves for low level risks.

Glove Clip

The convenient way to hold on to your gloves, never worry about losing them again!

Heat Protection

Our range of Heat Resistant Gloves protects from heat hazards and extreme high temperatures.

Precise Handling

A highly flexible and dexterous range, made from close fitting synthetic materials, providing excellent grip, tactile sensitivity and abrasion resistance. Applications include hi-tech, electronic, small parts assembly, automotive sub-assembly, light fabrication, micro-engineering, packaging, inspection and light industrial work.

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Tips for Reducing Hand Injuries In The Workplace

Hand injuries account for 20% of disabling workplace injuries, but not everyone thinks about the importance of hand protection. The primary cause is equipment malfunctions. Depending on your workplace, hand injury hazards can range from sprains to chemical burns.

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