Spend too much on Gloves?

Many companies are under the delusion that cheaper gloves mean lower hand protection costs.

Our research has proved that often the cheaper the glove the higher the peripheral costs across the business.  Experience and research in the logistics industry especially has revealed that spend on hand protection can often spiral; becoming a cause for concern.

We’ve looked at everything from wastage to downtime and both are consistently a concern.  iSB will help you to raise the bar within your company by analysing your current usage and supplying wearer trials of our suggested range so you can see the savings for yourself, in real life!

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Why iSB?

At iSB we use our experience to help you ensure that all employees are adequately protected.  Our carefully selected hand protection range includes products that not only conform to latest safety standards but are also comfortable, durable and dextrous, whatever your budget.

General Handling

Our range of General handling gloves are low cost but have good mechanical strength and grip. They also include simple design gloves for low level risks.

Precise Handling

A highly flexible and dexterous range, made from close fitting synthetic materials, providing excellent grip, tactile sensitivity and abrasion resistance. Applications include hi-tech, electronic, small parts assembly, automotive sub-assembly, light fabrication, micro-engineering, packaging, inspection and light industrial work.

Cut Protection

Cut Resistant Gloves designed to protect the wearer’s hands from cuts while working with sharp tools or materials. These mainly include seamless knitted gloves which offer superior dexterity and comfort.

Cold Protection

Our range of Cold Handling Gloves protects against cold and thermal hazards and extreme low temperatures.

Heat Protection

Our range of Heat Resistant Gloves protects from heat hazards and extreme high temperatures.

Chemical Resistant

Nitrile, rubber latex and pvc protective gloves offering certified quality protection against a range of chemicals. All our Chemical Resistant Gloves conform to EN 388 and EN374 Complex Design.


Our range of Anti-Vibration gloves offer protection from shock and vibration by absorbing the vibration energy and reducing the risk of vibration white finger.


We have a range of Nitrile and Multi-Purpose disposable gloves. The Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic rubber that resists snags while providing flexibility and dexterity and are food approved. Our range of Multi-Purpose disposable gloves all conform to EN 455 Parts 1, 2 & 3.


Our footwear range not only conforms to latest safety standards but is developed around comfort, durability and style.

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Corporate Fashion

We’re passionate about enhancing your brand; our team will work with you to develop a uniform to reflect your values.

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Workplace Solutions

From PPE to Spill Control, Signage to Warehouse and Handling Solutions, we’ll find the most effective solution for you.

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