Communication is key, especially in the work environment. We believe in keeping open communication channels to ensure that we are consistently meeting or exceeding your expectations and fulfilling our promise. Your total satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and your feedback is essential for our continual improvement.

Working with us

“iSB might not be the cheapest company but the service is very good and the staff are very helpful and professional in what they do and in my eyes that outweighs everything else.”

Paper Management and supply company


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Customer queries actioned same day


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Orders processed by 3:30pm

On-site visits

At iSB we don’t stand still! We are passionate about creating enduring relationships with our clients. Contract review meetings will be scheduled to review all aspects of our service and explore fresh ways in which to ‘raise the bar’.

Pre-contract visits

We like to come and show you who we are, what we offer and what drives our success. We establish fully your expectations and requirements to help us formulate a bespoke service solution for you.

Technical Data Sheets

Download our ‘easy-to-read’ technical data sheets, helping you to understand the symbols used and minimum statutory requirements.

Corporate Brochure

VOC Summits

We have a thirst for the development of products, service and systems. To ensure we are the best in the industry we hold VOC Summits for our Clients.

Account Managers

Your Account Manager is there to support you in every way. He/she will ensure you have access to the latest products and will work with you on a plan for continuous improvement.